Whistle Post Pottery Winter Closure through January 2018 by Melissa Garcia Parry

Winter Sunrise on the Willamette River

Winter Sunrise on the Willamette River

We made it through another Holiday Market season! This year felt a little bit less taxing, maybe after seven seasons we're finally getting some finesse? Or slightly numb? Thank you so much to all of you returning customers who make sure to track us down and add to your collection. Big welcome to all our newcomers - we hope you like what you bought.

As 2017 comes to a close we're reviewing our year and planning what's to come. We hope 2018 proves to be a year of many changes. If all our stars align we will be moving home and studio. Right now we have no precise details of where or when but we have some inklings and hope it all works out. It's going to mean a lot of organizing and no end of adaptability so we can't be sure how the year will look. We will continue to update our website calendar so check and double check if you hope to see us at a particular show or market. Things may change at late notice so can we just reiterate - double check our calendar. 

For the here and now we are taking some time off. We will be closed for the month of January. We need a whole lot of beach time and dog time and fresh air to get us recharged for 2018. 

We hope to see you in the spring. 

Holiday Market is Go! by Melissa Garcia Parry

We are in the Holiday Market zone! It's the end of the year blur where Market neighbors become the most familiar faces in your life. We are all digging deep and using our creativity and energy to make this funny world come to life every weekend of December. We are in Booth 44 every weekend now through Christmas Eve. The booths and vendors are many and varied so come and have a look if you're passing by Lane County Fairgrounds.

Holiday Market Guidebook 2017

For the who, what (possibly why) when and where have a look at the Holiday Market Guidebook. Paper copies are running out fast but the online version is here for the duration of the season. Check it out.  

Building Up to Clayfolk by Melissa Garcia Parry

clayfolk banner.jpg

We will be heading to Medford later this week to take part in Clayfolk. This show has got to be the most bustling show we've ever been lucky enough to take part in. The people of southern Oregon like their ceramics and show up en masse to support the artists and craftspeople who have been putting on this all clay show for 42 years. This is year two for us and we're excited to be heading back again.

To make sure we're ready and well-stocked for Clayfolk we will only be taking part in Clayfolk this weekend. We will not be at the opening weekend of Eugene Holiday Market. We will return to Holiday Market Thanksgiving weekend.

We also are not taking on any further special orders or commissions for the rest of the year. If we have your order already you're good - it will get done. Anything new will have to wait to 2018. After a bit of rest.

Clay Guild of the Cascades presents Wildfire by Melissa Garcia Parry

2017 Wildfire Postcard 6x9 front.jpg

Very excited to be taking part in this show for the second time. Last year it was a great show full of friendly and enthusiastic ceramic artists and customers. It's been colder earlier here in the Willamette Valley so heading east over the Cascades could be like entering into winter. Must remember to squeeze some gloves in to the crates of mugs and oil bottles.

It's Clay Fest this weekend! by Melissa Garcia Parry

CFecard17 (3).jpg

Clay Fest

All clay, all weekend - over 70 local artists will be offering their ceramic wares at Lane County Fairgrounds starting Friday, October 6 at 5 pm

We'll be at Clay Fest all weekend and will also be at Eugene Saturday Market with a small selection of pottery and a whole lot of mini-pumpkins, gourds and flowers as Howl and Whistle Flower Farm does a booth takeover. Come and see us! 

Tuesday Market by Melissa Garcia Parry

Tuesday Market.jpg

We've been taking part in Tuesday Market for the last month and love the chance to enjoy the totally different feel of downtown Eugene on a weekday. Tuesday Market is predominately booths from Lane County Farmer's Market so there is a great array of produce and food. A small but dedicated group of us Saturday Marketeers come and fill in the gaps selling handmade crafts/homegrown wares. We set-up as Howl and Whistle Flower Farm, usually on Oak Street, with our locally grown seasonal flowers and a selection of Whistle Post Pottery ceramics. Our pottery selection on Tuesdays is smaller than Saturdays so if you're heading down on a Tuesday with a particular piece in mind email us first to check availability and make sure we bring it.  

Tuesday Market runs from 10 am to 3 pm every Tuesday now through Halloween.

Annual Sale by Melissa Garcia Parry

2017 Sale

We are switching our annual sale from mid-October to this Saturday, July 1. We've got too many goodies to hold on until the autumn so we're bringing them all to Eugene Saturday Market. We will be in our usual booth, #322 on Oak Street on the east park block. Every last piece will be 50% off the marked price. There are a few seconds but overall this is first rate stuff that we just need to shift to make way for more creations. Expect to find platters, bowls, mugs, oil bottles, plates, saucers, candle sticks and candle blocks. And one very special butter dish. We will be there 10 to 5.  

We're back! by Melissa Garcia Parry

After a speedy but enjoyable trip around the UK seeing all and sundry we are back and busy as ever. Our schedule is full and we're updating our online calendar to reflect our commitments. If you want to know where we'll be have a look. We've been making a few appearances at Whiteaker Community Market but mostly with our flowers from Howl and Whistle Flower Farm and a few select pottery pieces. We're taking a break until we can get more flowers blooming but hope to be back later in the year. It's a great market in its second year that is being put together by a small group of energetic and visionary women who are pouring loads of love into this mission. If you've got some time on a Sunday it's a great space to eat some food, buy some veg, do some yoga, listen to live music, support local artists and chat with some lovely people. What more could you want on a Sunday? https://www.whiteakercommunitymarket.com/

We're Closed Until May 13 by Melissa Garcia Parry

Dave, the girls and Yachats

We're heading off to the UK for the shortest trip ever to connect with family, attend a wedding and see much missed friends. It's been a long time since we've ventured further than the Oregon Coast so let's hope we remember our passports, the rest can take care of itself. All operations are now closed. We will be re-opening Saturday, May 13 when we return to Eugene Saturday Market - all going well. If you have any pottery emergencies please consult our many friends and colleagues up and down the Willamette Valley who can provide you with beautiful wares in our absence. 

Ceramic Showcase Returns to Oregon Convention Center April 21 - 23 by Melissa Garcia Parry

Preparations are well underway for the return of OPA's Ceramic Showcase to the Convention Center. After two years of making do at the Coliseum we are heading back to the same weekend and same location most of the public were used to. We will also coincide with the Gathering of the Guilds, which means way more craft than simply ceramic so there should be something for everyone. Hopefully this change/return to form heralds good things. Find us in Booth 14. For hours, directions and listing of artists - http://oregonpotters.org/Ceramic-Showcase

Kicking Off 2017 with Celebration of Creativity by Melissa Garcia Parry

We've emerged from the basement and got up the I-5 to deliver our work to Celebration of Creativity. If you're in the Beaverton/Portland area from this evening through Sunday go and have a look. Would love to add some promo images for the show but don't seem to have the skills to do it at the moment. I think we're still a bit encrusted with hibernation dust. For some far more useful information and photos http://www.celebrationofcreativity.com/

A Time of Ending and Renewal by Melissa Garcia Parry

After a few days of stumbling about tired and befuddled we're starting to catch up on our sleep and recover from the last two months of 2016. We really packed in the shows and markets and are ready for a quieter few months. For us this is time to recuperate and clean up - physically, psychically and literally. We're going to take a little time away to run wild with our dogs on the beach and generate excitement for the new year ahead.

Winter Storm at Delta Ponds, Eugene, Oregon

Winter Storm at Delta Ponds, Eugene, Oregon

We are hugely thankful that we have completed another year making something like a living from what we enjoy doing. We are thankful for all of you who have come to our markets and shows and purchased from galleries and online. You are essential to our livelihood. We hope to bring new pieces into existence in 2017 that will fill you with a bit of joy.

Throwing Pots as Therapy by Melissa Garcia Parry

Clayfolk 2016

It's hard to convey the ups and downs of the past week. Last weekend's Wildfire Pottery Show in Bend was an utter pleasure. A great group of potters who all pitched in to put on this small but powerful clay showcase and sale. As a first year participant it was such a positive experience. We can only hope that schedules and weather allow this to become a regular feature in our calendar.

But . . . then it was back to home and back to reality. With a serious bang. Everyone worldwide has likely heard more than enough about the U.S. elections so what can we add?

Thankfully our Clayfolk Pottery Show & Sale debut is so near there has been little time to mourn or fear what 2017 has in store. Just keep on throwing. Repressive, narrow conservative regimes historically have led to great art and revolution, repressive, narrow conservative regimes historically have led to great art and revolution, repressive, narrow conservative regimes historically have led to great art and revolution. Just keep saying it and make it happen. 

Over the Cascades by Melissa Garcia Parry

Wildfire Show Info

We're finally making it over the Cascades. We hope any of you who made it to Sunriver Art Fair this summer and realized we didn't will give us another chance and come to Wildfire. This is a new venture for us and we're excited to be taking part in this show. Don't know what to expect but if all else fails Bend has some great beers and ciders so this weekend will be enjoyable one way or another.   

Red Hot Silverton Fine Arts Festival by Melissa Garcia Parry

We're facing the hottest few days of the summer so far and they time perfectly with Silverton Fine Arts Festival. We thank the stewards of Coolidge-McClaine Park for keeping the park wonderfully well treed. We know from the past few years that it's a cool(er) oasis during the August heat so we stiffen our upper lips and get on with it. We hope the 100+ degree temperatures forecast for Saturday don't put off the citizens of Silverton and beyond. But if it's too much to bear hold on until Sunday when the temperature is predicted to drop to a heavenly 89. 

16th Annual Silverton Fine Arts Festival

Howl and Whistle Flower Farm by Melissa Garcia Parry

Dory and Frida with the Snapdragons

We have a side project, we have Howl and Whistle Flower Farm. Why not? All that time outside digging and sowing has finally paid off and we're rich in flowers. We're keeping it chemical free, local and small scale. You can find our flowers sharing space with our pottery at Booth 133 Eugene Saturday Market. 

On the Road Again by Melissa Garcia Parry

Next stop on the Whistle Post Pottery show circuit - Art in the Park, Lake Oswego. This is a brand new show for us so we go curious and completely unsure what to expect. What we do know, if the weather forecast can be trusted, is we're not having a repeat of the hell hot temperatures we endured this time last year. For that alone we are eternally grateful. We'll be in Booth B9. See you there?

Festival of the Arts 2016

Nothing Says Spring Like a Teapot by Melissa Garcia Parry

Winter passed in a blink of an eye and long before spring officially arrived we were out of hibernation. Eugene Saturday Market is well underway and we've already got four markets under our belts. We've moved booth locations and are now at booth 133. It's still on the west block but we back onto the fountain and can be seen from Oak Street. It feels sunnier and busier and we've had a few people ask if we're new so wondering if we've been a bit off the beaten path for the last six years?

Happy Teapot with Calendula

Another sign of spring is Ceramic Showcase in Portland, which is just days away (gulp.) This Friday, April 29 is opening day and we will be there in booth 36 through Sunday. We have some new pieces that we're particularly excited about, including our favorite teapot in the photo above. If we don't sell him he'll just have to come back home. Oh well.

This springy weather has got us so motivated that we will be covering both Portland and Eugene this Saturday, April 30. If anyone in the Willamatte Valley suddenly needs a mug they should be able to find one of us if they get on the I-5 and head north or south.