Studio build

New Year, New Location - Still Working On a Studio by Melissa Garcia Parry

We have not fallen off the face of the earth, just moved to Olalla, Oregon. It has been a blur of boxes and unexpected jobs, from small to immense, since we moved. It’s only been 3 months but I think we both look a bit older, maybe we just feel it?!

We are fighting our way through the winter “break” and hoping to have a full show and market calendar for the year. Right now it’s blank but rest assured we have some shows booked and plan at being at Eugene Saturday Market at least once a month.

We just finished a small yurt build project and are still celebrating that feeling of finally accomplishing something. What we’d planned to be a guest space will be our short term studio while we work out the rest of the details. We also await some reliable electric that can power those kilns that are the workhorses of our production. It’s all lined up but we’re now in the hands of the electric company and an electrician and the county - pray for us, perform a ritual, think good thoughts or whatever you do to make the stars align and good things happen.

The pottery is shut right now so we can just focus on life. As ever we hope this time out at the start of the year will help us be ready for what the rest of the year brings. We will be working on orders received at the end of 2018 but not taking on anything new until we get fully equipped. We will be posting updates as pottery life begins to take a shape we can recognize.

We once again thank all you lovely people who came and shared time with us at Holiday Market. We were in dire need of some sanity and camaraderie. There were so many encouraging words, great anecdotes and a sense that we weren’t stuck out in the woods losing our minds. Or if we were we were going down laughing. Thank you.

We hope for 2019 to be a year of progress for us and for you and for the rest of the messy world. Is that asking too much? Maybe we should just focus on the electric supply?

Having a Chuck-It session to celebrate the yurt

Having a Chuck-It session to celebrate the yurt