Move 2019

So Many Changes - It's Hard to Keep Up by Melissa Garcia Parry

Kite Flying in Mull.jpg

The last year has been a total blur of highs and lows and so many projects started, completed and even more still outstanding. It’s been a busy time and we don’t have time to keep up with all facets of this website. So we’ve decided to narrow things down and focus on what works and what we can realistically manage. Our newsletter is now gone because quite frankly - we weren’t doing it. This here blog is trickling off to nothing so don’t expect much more than this post - unless something very phenomenal happens. We do semi-regularly post news to Instagram so we’re making life easy for ourselves and linking up our posts to this website - click on our Instagram Updates page. This is where you’ll find pictures of work and business updates, as well as occasional nonsense. We also keep our online calendar up-to-date so please check it out to see our show schedule for the rest of the year. We’ve learned a lot in the last year and primarily it’s focus on the important stuff and ditch the rest.