Whistle Post Pottery Winter Closure through January 2018 by Melissa Garcia Parry

Winter Sunrise on the Willamette River

Winter Sunrise on the Willamette River

We made it through another Holiday Market season! This year felt a little bit less taxing, maybe after seven seasons we're finally getting some finesse? Or slightly numb? Thank you so much to all of you returning customers who make sure to track us down and add to your collection. Big welcome to all our newcomers - we hope you like what you bought.

As 2017 comes to a close we're reviewing our year and planning what's to come. We hope 2018 proves to be a year of many changes. If all our stars align we will be moving home and studio. Right now we have no precise details of where or when but we have some inklings and hope it all works out. It's going to mean a lot of organizing and no end of adaptability so we can't be sure how the year will look. We will continue to update our website calendar so check and double check if you hope to see us at a particular show or market. Things may change at late notice so can we just reiterate - double check our calendar. 

For the here and now we are taking some time off. We will be closed for the month of January. We need a whole lot of beach time and dog time and fresh air to get us recharged for 2018. 

We hope to see you in the spring. 

We're Closed Until May 13 by Melissa Garcia Parry

Dave, the girls and Yachats

We're heading off to the UK for the shortest trip ever to connect with family, attend a wedding and see much missed friends. It's been a long time since we've ventured further than the Oregon Coast so let's hope we remember our passports, the rest can take care of itself. All operations are now closed. We will be re-opening Saturday, May 13 when we return to Eugene Saturday Market - all going well. If you have any pottery emergencies please consult our many friends and colleagues up and down the Willamette Valley who can provide you with beautiful wares in our absence. 

A Time of Ending and Renewal by Melissa Garcia Parry

After a few days of stumbling about tired and befuddled we're starting to catch up on our sleep and recover from the last two months of 2016. We really packed in the shows and markets and are ready for a quieter few months. For us this is time to recuperate and clean up - physically, psychically and literally. We're going to take a little time away to run wild with our dogs on the beach and generate excitement for the new year ahead.

Winter Storm at Delta Ponds, Eugene, Oregon

Winter Storm at Delta Ponds, Eugene, Oregon

We are hugely thankful that we have completed another year making something like a living from what we enjoy doing. We are thankful for all of you who have come to our markets and shows and purchased from galleries and online. You are essential to our livelihood. We hope to bring new pieces into existence in 2017 that will fill you with a bit of joy.