Eugene Saturday Market

Eugene Saturday Market - Marketwide Sale by Melissa Garcia Parry

Sale 2018.jpg

Have we mentioned lately that we’re moving? It’s been a topic for months but now it is real. We have closed on our new place, old place and there are boxes everywhere. We’re madly trying to lighten our load and make the transition easier. We’re heading into our busiest time of the year so timing is not ideal. But the one bit of serendipity is Eugene Saturday Market is having a marketwide sale this Saturday, October 6. Perfect timing for us to thin out the back stock that we really don’t need to move. We have absolutely perfect pieces that are out of date, seconds and one-offs that all need to go. Everything in the booth will be seriously on sale. Come and see us in our usual booth 346 from 10 until 5 on Saturday, rain or shine come hell or high water.

Show season is go - next up Lake Oswego by Melissa Garcia Parry

Lake Oswego Festival of the Arts

We are in the midst of the summer juggle of shows, markets and life. Just got back from Spokane ArtFest (thanks to all who shopped, chatted and made it a very pleasant weekend) and are fully focused on the next show - Lake Oswego. We also plan to re-stock galleries in the next four weeks and will update here as we cross them off our list. We plan to be at the next two Eugene Saturday Markets as well so June will be the month of spreading ourselves around. July we collapse.  

Whistle Post Pottery gets into the spring of things by Melissa Garcia Parry

Wood-fired vase experiment with Howl and Whistle Flower Farm Anemones

Wood-fired vase experiment with Howl and Whistle Flower Farm Anemones

With winter officially behind us we find ourselves coming out of hibernation. We have been busy but mostly behind the scenes. We found some time for experiments, including the vase pictured above. Dave took some time to participate in a wood firing with friends and other ceramic artists at the home and studio of Tea Duong and Nina Fernstrom-Duong outside Junction City. The results are a total change from the usual Whistle Post Pottery wares. We don't expect any pots from this batch to be up for sale but who knows what the future may hold? 

We do continue to work on moving home and studio. In fact, it may be a move of home and a building of studio from scratch. Things are getting slightly more real but we are still in the early stages of tackling all the logistical challenges. Due to this anticipated move we have dropped a few shows from our usual schedule. We hope that the space we've cleared in our show circuit in summer/autumn will allow this move to be as seamless as possible. We'll see. We still really encourage you to check our online calendar if you hope to see us at a certain show to confirm whether we'll be there.

As our plans progress we'll update this blog and also include any relevant information in our newsletter. You can sign up for the very occasional newsletter just to your right on this here page. Handy, huh?

For now it's business as usual and you will find us at the first Eugene Saturday Market of the season when it kicks off Saturday, April 7. We'll be in yet another new booth - 346. It's only 3 booths south of last year's spot, facing Oak Street, near the corner of S Park. Maybe we'll see you there? 


Annual Sale by Melissa Garcia Parry

2017 Sale

We are switching our annual sale from mid-October to this Saturday, July 1. We've got too many goodies to hold on until the autumn so we're bringing them all to Eugene Saturday Market. We will be in our usual booth, #322 on Oak Street on the east park block. Every last piece will be 50% off the marked price. There are a few seconds but overall this is first rate stuff that we just need to shift to make way for more creations. Expect to find platters, bowls, mugs, oil bottles, plates, saucers, candle sticks and candle blocks. And one very special butter dish. We will be there 10 to 5.  

Howl and Whistle Flower Farm by Melissa Garcia Parry

Dory and Frida with the Snapdragons

We have a side project, we have Howl and Whistle Flower Farm. Why not? All that time outside digging and sowing has finally paid off and we're rich in flowers. We're keeping it chemical free, local and small scale. You can find our flowers sharing space with our pottery at Booth 133 Eugene Saturday Market. 

Nothing Says Spring Like a Teapot by Melissa Garcia Parry

Winter passed in a blink of an eye and long before spring officially arrived we were out of hibernation. Eugene Saturday Market is well underway and we've already got four markets under our belts. We've moved booth locations and are now at booth 133. It's still on the west block but we back onto the fountain and can be seen from Oak Street. It feels sunnier and busier and we've had a few people ask if we're new so wondering if we've been a bit off the beaten path for the last six years?

Happy Teapot with Calendula

Another sign of spring is Ceramic Showcase in Portland, which is just days away (gulp.) This Friday, April 29 is opening day and we will be there in booth 36 through Sunday. We have some new pieces that we're particularly excited about, including our favorite teapot in the photo above. If we don't sell him he'll just have to come back home. Oh well.

This springy weather has got us so motivated that we will be covering both Portland and Eugene this Saturday, April 30. If anyone in the Willamatte Valley suddenly needs a mug they should be able to find one of us if they get on the I-5 and head north or south.