Dharma Gardens

The Wonders of Oregon Country Fair by Melissa Garcia Parry

L29 Oregon Country Fair.jpg

What in God's name is this? All going well by 11 AM this Friday this will be the home of Whistle Post Pottery for the next three days. It's one of the chaotic wonders of Oregon Country Fair. We had no plans on taking part this year, then an unexpected phone call from the one and only Michael Bertotti (pictured) meant we suddenly we have a booth share. Umm, okay? It'll be baking hot, mosquito heavy and the usual scramble for space but dammit, who could turn that down? We are sharing Booth L29 near Dharma Gardens. And we sincerely hope by opening time on Friday this view may be slightly more booth-like and graced by some handmade pottery, ready to find a new home.